Sheeit, bitch. I ain’t been fucked like that in a long time. You got another cigarette, man? Thanks. You got a light too? Thanks, man. What’d you say your name was again? Sheeit, you ain’t much of a talker, huh? That’s a’ight. You don’t need to talk so much with a cock like that. My old boyfriend had himself a tiny dick, and all that motherfucker did was talk talk talk. Motherfucker used to say I talked too much. You believe that? Me, talking too much. Motherfucker pushed shit for another motherfucker who worked for a pharmaceutical company, used to keep me all tripped out on Adderall and Oxycontin and shit. Said it would keep my edge off. But sheeit, bitch, I’m all edge. And where’s the motherfucker now? Jail, that’s where. Up in the pen, getting corn-holed by some big motherfucker with a dick like yours. Prolly likes it too. Sheeit. My fucking legs are wobbly. Damn, man. You fuck girls in alleys all the time? Is that your thing? You a sex addict? Where you goin’ now? You goin’ inside? That’s cool. We should prolly go inside. Fucking cold out here. Gots to sign in anyhow. Don’t need my P.O. up my ass again. Sheeit. This your first one? Ain’t seen you here before. Thanks for the fuck, man. Didn’t realize how bad I needed it. What’d you say your name was again? What? A’ight. That’s cool. I got a cousin with the same name…Fucking place stinks, man. Here, sit by me. Fucking cheap ass chairs. You ain’t drinking no coffee, huh? It’s weak ass cheap shit, but it’s hot and it’s free. Sheeit. I’ll show you what’s up: you see that skinny motherfucker with the striped shirt up there? That’s Todd. He runs the show here. He’s kind of a fag. He used to suck dick for crack. And that motherfucker used to shoot heroin. That motherfucker with the beehive hairdo is a straight up booze fiend. Me? What am I? Told you, fool: I’m a fucking pill slave, bitch. Well, I was. A’ight, be cool. The fag likes to do his little dance at the start, and he gets pissy if you’re not listening. But I like to bust his balls. Little faggot.

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